About the Author

Prince Patrick Kalenga Munongo is the last child of Mwami Mwenda Msiri Shyombeka Godefroid Munongo and Clothilde Banza Mulenda. He holds a masters degree in Public Health from Loma Linda University, California, USA. Patrick currently works in the field of Public Health. He has many interests; among them chiefly are reading and writing, politics, social issues, and learning new languages. His appreciation for the art of writing stems from his firm belief that words can have a strong impact on people and society. In this age where violence seems to be the answer, Patrick continues to hope that communication, dialogue and the power of the pen can replace the supremacy of guns. However, he will probably tell you that sometimes weapons can play a more effective role of dissuasion.

Patrick is the direct descendant of Msiri, King of Garanganze and visionary sovereign, who in the 1850s established his empire in the Southeastern part of modern day Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) known as Katanga. The Belgians assassinated Msiri on the 20th of December 1891. This pivotal factor in the Yeke history (Yeke is one of Msiri’s tribe name) has remained the galvanizing force to all Bayeke. Msiri’s death, though poignant, has given hope and pride to an oppressed and colonized people, http://remoandaluz.es/servicio-medico/sin-receta-viagra both in Bunkeya and its satellite villages, in Katanga, and the DR Congo at large. Msiri died with valor, as he vehemently rejected any form of subjugation from European colonizers; an act of heroism all Africans and downtrodden people should be proud of.

Prince Patrick takes inspiration from his rich family history and standards. As the DR Congo continues to sink into the abyss, Patrick, as many Congolese and friends of the Congo, tries to contribute to the struggle for peace, self-determination, self-sufficiency, and freedom, as many of his forebears did years ago.

By sharing some of his daily thoughts, Prince Patrick Munongo hopes that someone will find inspiration and/or reason to do right. He does not proclaim his writings to be flawless. They are merely an interpretation of his views of the world and experiences in the Congo and beyond. No woman or man, irrespective of their origin, can remain silent in the face of the atrocities that are happening in the Congo and the world in general. And Patrick seeks to add his voice to the countless ones already in outcry.

We hope you will enjoy some of Prince Patrick’s ideas, as he joins the dialogue, with the hope to inspire his posterity, and share his outlook with every reader.